Scriptwise Partners LLC

If you’re a fan of Scriptwise Partners LLC, thank you! 


We had such a great time making our movies and commercials. It has been a wonderful ride.

Along the way, we brought Plato’s “Symposium” to life in English. Defining “love” is difficult. We’ve helped college students in universities around the world make some sense of how Plato tried to do it.

We increased awareness of the problem of domestic violence in Hawaii. Your reactions to the film told us that we spoke to you. Placing our story in modern Polynesian culture actually made it easier for some people to speak about it mainstream America.

With Sunday Wind, we showed how quickly friendships could change in a moment of war. Pearl Harbor tore apart the cultures of the Pacific in just a few minutes. Our film reminded many people how fragile we are in those moments.

The characters we created for commercials were just icing on the cake. We won awards, we generated an unprecedented amount of fan mail, and we sold some cable services. We got people recycling more in Honolulu. We even played some elaborate practical jokes.

And we’re happy to let you know that no actors were harmed in the making of these projects.

We’re going to rebuild this site when our Principal Owners restructure in 2016. Until then, check back for occasional reminders of what we’ve done and how much fun it’s been.

Thank you, everyone – you have shown us what love is.

We are grateful.


Michael Wurth

Director and Managing Member, Scriptwise Partners LLC